Scanners are ideal candidates for profiling. With a profile you’ll correct colour casts, improve contrast and shadow detail as you scan. Most scans will require no further correction – that’s a time saver.

Digital Cameras
Studio photographers may see a substantial reduction in image correction time through using a custom input profile. Profiling works best where the camera is used in situations where lighting style varies little. In many cases profiling can also extend the usable life of older cameras that have suffered some consistent degradation.

We recommend…
We don’t generally recommend making profiles for cameras that are used primarily for location work unless there are specific flaws with your digital camera.

For both scanners and digital cameras we recommend using a colour management specialist to linearise the device before profiling. This will help you extract the greatest information from your scans. There are some Photoshop plug-ins modules coming onto the market that may do the profile building – but the real benefits are still going to come from managing the linearisation.




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