Having inconsistent or incorrect colour in your prints is where the costs really bite. Ink cartridges and coated paper are very expensive and to waste them producing endless ‘test’ prints is a sad situation.

Using the printer manufacturer’s standard settings and profiles will give you average results delivering only about 80% of your printers capability.

Calibrating and profiling your inkjet printers will give fantastic results – results that clients love. The difference is like that between AM radio and cinema sound. However, it is considerably more involved than profiling for monitors or input devices.

We recommend…
Any decent package for profiling print is expensive. Unless you use many different paper types or your process is pretty changeable it may not be worthwhile investing in a profiling package.

These processes are best carried out on-site by colour management specialists, as the setup of the printer and drivers is critical to the calibration process. However, if you’re a Virgo, you might like to try ‘Remote Profiling’.






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